It is easy to find a male coach when looking for a specialist in strength and conditioning. And with the demand growing for additional sports performance training outside of organized team trainings, we want to ensure our female athletes have a place to train and work alongside a coach that they feel they can connect with. At Milwaukee Movement, we also recognize that many of our athletes are in the beginning stages of sports performance training where they are looking to develop a solid movement foundation. Our female coach approaches each athlete with a warm welcome and an endearing smile as she understands it is traditionally intimidating to enter into a new environment where many of the training patterns and movements are being attempted for the first time.

We approach each session and the athletes it includes with compassion recognizing that there are other dynamics outside of training that impact the performance process. Whether that be a bad day at school, playing poorly over the weekend, giving an incredible presentation, or getting a promotion, we want to approach each situation with genuine care so that no matter how you came into Milwaukee Movement, you are leaving changed for the better.

Female Focus

I came to Rhianna with pain in my left arm like nothing I’d ever had before. I didn't know how I got to where I was, I just knew I was no longer able to experience my life in the way I wanted to and needed some relief. What I received from Rhianna was nothing short of exceptional! From day one, she was committed to my recovery no matter what. It wasn’t about her being right, but instead doing what was right. She truly cared about me as a person and was never judgmental- Despite the fact that I didn't always hold up my end of the bargain. Instead, she met me with compassion and in the end, I left feeling like myself again. I’m grateful for the experience and would highly recommend her treatment services!
– Karen Left Quote Right Quote
Rhianna was and is an answer to prayer for my son! Ben had a mental/emotional block for two years, walking away from gymnastics, what he loves to do most in the world. It was a heartbreaking time for the whole family. We tried everything and then in comes Rhianna, a beautiful soul who knew exactly how to reach him; she speaks “athlete”! She not only pulled him back from his dark place but boosted his self-esteem, teaching him tools to continue to grow and succeed as well as techniques to keep him from injury that were fun and easy to do that had the whole family laughing and playing along. We love Rhianna!
– Rebekah Vera Left Quote Right Quote