We believe that you can’t have one without the other- these two are the perfect pair! People are on the move now more than ever before bouncing from one activity to the next. Time spent in physical therapy is also on the rise in the general population and a key contributing factor being overuse injury. We know that we are not going to change the amount of time spent training for activities, but we would like to decrease the time spent away from competition in relation to injury. Our injury prevention specialists want to provide each individual with the resources that they need to be successful during competition while decreasing their risk for injury in the process.


We recognize this may be a new term to you so here is how we have decided to define it at Milwaukee Movement- the physical therapy BEFORE the injury occurs to decrease the risk of time spent away from sport related to structural damage.


Injury Prevention


Our injury prevention process is data driven and effective through the use of the Fusionetics platform:
  • 3D movement screen
  • App based
  • Takes less than 5 minutes start to finish
  • Can be done at the practice fields, in the studio, or at Milwaukee Movement- we’re portable
  • Score is generated on the spot with a breakdown from head to toe of what joints/ muscles are moving properly and where there is room for improvement
  • Immediately generates at home care plan from test results that targets muscles and joints that were found compensating during the test
  • Athlete can access program and track progress through app whether that be at practice, before competition, or during recovery
  • All athlete information is saved and utilized for re-testing purposes
Fusionetics Infographic

Sports Performance Training


Programs are designed specifically to each individual or group focused on targeting movement patterns and muscles commonly found to be weak during their sport.

Our athletic trainers recognize there is a specific amount of time individuals get to spend at team training, so we want to provide supplemental training that addresses muscle groups commonly missed in practice. Our sports performance training sessions will compliment the work done at practice so that our athletes can gain an edge on their competitors.

Our coaches utilize sport specific patterns and implement drills centered on balance, change of direction, body control, change in speed, reaction, power and strength. We want to include these movements in the training that we offer so team coaches don’t have to take time away from practice to do so.


Left Quote Right Quote We are so excited to be at Milwaukee Movement for injury prevention! Having training that is SPORT SPECIFIC is the piece that has been missing.
– Milwaukee Movement Patient
Left Quote Right Quote Milwaukee Movement got us in shape and got us feeling good, strong, and prepared us for the season and kept us fit during the season.
– Alex Filian
Left Quote Right Quote The workouts with Milwaukee Movement were extremely helpful throughout the season. They helped the players stay fit and healthy, which led to a better performance on the pitch. I would definitely recommend athletes of any age to try out Milwaukee Movement to take their game to the next level.
– James Weber