Integrating contemporary technology that is the best in sports science and clinical application to deliver valuable services focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery.

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We take the custom care approach. Every sport performance training session whether private, small group, or team, along with our sports medicine therapy and rehabilitation care plans, are all created uniquely for the individuals participating in each session. Each person who comes to train at Milwaukee Movement undergoes a movement assessment that deciphers how at risk for injury the athlete is based off of compensation patterns that they present with. Every individual leaves Milwaukee Movement with an at home care plan centered around decreasing their risk for injury while striving towards optimal performance.


At Milwaukee Movement, it is our goal to provide you with the resources that you need to be able to stay in the line-up instead of side-lined due to injury. If an injury has you sitting out from work or sport, let us help you get back to the action stronger than when you left.

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Programs customized to each patient is our priority. Whether that is hands on care through Fusionetics, a training session focused around your sport, or a workout to progress you towards your fitness goals, Milwaukee Movement has something for you.



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I lived with pain, stiffness, and muscle tightness for nearly 25 years after suffering a bad horse fall. Massages would give me some temporary relief but, they’re expensive, and the effects didn’t last. I am so pleased to say, Rhianna has helped me achieve a pain-free life! My stiffness, muscle tightness, and back pain are gone after just a few treatments from her. I now have increased flexibility and range of motion in my spine and hips. I can’t believe my body can feel this good again - especially at 50 years old! I am so thankful to have found Rhianna and Milwaukee Movement. I would highly recommend her to anyone living with compromised body function. She will get you moving well and feeling good!

I came to Milwaukee Movement due to tightness and impaired mobility in my shoulder and hip. Daily activities like bending down to put my shoes on or reaching for anything overhead were a chore and painful. I’ve tried other forms of therapy, from chiropractic to different types of massage, cupping, and ultrasound, all working but not long-term because they never got to the root of the issues. As a competitive athlete, this put a stop to my training and competing. Working with Rhianna at Milwaukee Movement changed this! She worked through all the overlaying issues to find the root causes. Putting together a program to continue therapy both with her and at home, I saw continuous improvements. The app for at-home accessories helped to strengthen and keep the muscles in their proper place. Every week the pain decreased, and I gained more mobility and ability to complete everyday tasks and get back to lifting. I highly recommend her for anyone of any activity level having pain or impaired movement. She is very professional in her approach while making you feel comfortable and genuinely cares about her patients.

Rhianna at Milwaukee Movement offers an individualized approach to aid the body in healing! I have dealt with low-back pain for almost a decade. She used her vast knowledge to assess and treat me from head to toe. The results were very exciting and I’ve been able to maintain a level of function that I haven’t seen in years!