We recognize training facilities and gyms are often environments where athletes are easily intimidated and can become disconnected. At Milwaukee Movement, we are committed to creating safe and supportive environments that are welcoming to athletes of all skill levels. One of our main focuses is offering treatment to the whole athlete which includes addressing responsibilities they have as a student. Influences in the school environment along with aspects of school such as testing, social circles, and difficulty sleeping can impact the athletes ability to perform at the top level or recover from injury. We encourage students to recognize how these factors may be influencing them and their performance. We make it clear to all of our athletes that Milwaukee Movement is a place where they can feel confident in their abilities and know that they belong.

When suffering from injury or chronic pain it is important to recognize that mental health may be impacted as well. Often, injuries can become very isolating as athletes are no longer able to fully participate in team activities or trainings, or employees have limitations on the job. Our goal is to keep the athlete as involved in their school community and our workers performing all parts of the job we see fit, to keep a positive moral for the individual. This is why we work with our patients to set short-term goals in relation to the long-term healing timeline so that they are able to track recovery progress and feel successful after each visit. Our clinicians are determined to offer our undivided attention to each patient while creating safe and supportive environments that motivate the individual during rehabilitation. Whether you are receiving one on one care for rehabilitation or are a part of a small group training session, we offer supportive learning environments that are detail-oriented while encouraging each individual to work towards their threshold. Your health is our priority and we are committed to showing up for your success!

Supportive Environment



Milwaukee Movement is a private performance healthcare facility with a focus on the patient and/ or athlete through providing injury prevention and rehabilitation services.


  • Provide quality excellent care
  • Create a positive encouraging training environment
  • Implement innovative sport science technology
  • Demonstrate a patient/ athlete first attitude
  • Training the athlete, not their ego