Have you had surgery? Have you been in pain? Are you currently on the “sidelines” and unable to do what you love? Our passion at Milwaukee Movement is caring for those who want to get out of pain and prevent future injuries as they move closer to their goals. Whether it is constant shoulder pain or an intermittent ache in your low back, although neither are considered a life-threatening condition, we recognize they impact your ability to do tasks important to you on a daily basis. Was there a recent surgical procedure that you have had done and you felt that although you are no longer in physical therapy you are not fully recovered? Whether it be a spinal injury diagnosis or daily pain when you get out of bed, we are here for you.

At Milwaukee Movement, you will work one on one with our experienced, certified athletic trainer Rhianna. Whether you are an injured athlete, parent, business professional, or coach, Rhianna is committed to your pain-free return to daily activity and providing professional-level care throughout your entire treatment process. The in-depth, initial assessment allows us to take a holistic approach to your injury and better understand how it may be impacting you systemically as our patient. We provide each of our patients with a detailed plan to reduce the risk of further injury and progress you toward your goal of pain-free movement.

Injured Person

I highly recommend working with Rhianna and MKE Movement at any point following a sports injury. Her ability to identify the root issue of my injury, and to communicate the action plan to recovery, helped me on my way back in only 8 sessions! Rhianna did this by setting smaller goals throughout the recovery process, to help break up the journey into attainable pieces. This helped me understand to not look for instant results, but to focus on mitigating the injury long term. Happy to say I now feel back on track following the injury, in large part to the treatment from MKE Movement.
– James Reardon Left Quote Right Quote
Nagging pain was causing me to hold back. I knew I was out of alignment. Fortunately, I knew people who experienced lasting success with the type of therapy Rhianna provides at Milwaukee Movement. I decided to give it a try! Through her skilled, customized approach I was able to regain mobility. Certain fitness drills that I avoided are no longer off limits! Rhianna provided useful tools to maintain alignment on my own. It is comforting to know she is there for me when an occasional tuneup is required.
– Mary Dingeldein Left Quote Right Quote