At the professional and even collegiate level, athletes are offered the top resources needed to stay healthy and prolong their careers. They are equipped with training programs that compliment the work done in practice and during competition to continue to make developmental gains. Why then, are we not providing these same services to our youth athletes who are training at arguably similar loads?

As we continue to see a rise in the amount of youth entering sport, Milwaukee Movement recognizes that if we are going to make a positive impact, we have to start by equipping the next generation of athletes. We want to provide our athletes the resources necessary early on in their careers to prevent injury and enhance performance so that they can carry these habits with them as they progress in their training experiences. At Milwaukee Movement we are committed to providing our athletes with the highest level of care because we believe they deserve the very best to be able to maintain a sustainable career. Implementing these practices at an early age allows youth athletes the opportunity to rise above their competitors.

Injury Prevention

My daughters have been working with Rhianna for at least a couple of years now. They both play soccer and her emphasis on injury prevention and an exercise program focused on improving their skills has been outstanding. Can definitely see an improvement in their game and overall fitness. Would definitely recommend having your athlete work with Rhianna to take their game to the next level.
– Bridget Panlener Left Quote Right Quote
Rhianna is a gifted clinician! Through her thorough assessment, she was able to implement a plan to help our daughter get back to her beloved sports. Our daughter had shoulder surgery and completed physical therapy but there was something “missing”. Rhianna helped bridge that gap from recovery to performing!
– Eric Sobczak Left Quote Right Quote