Welcome to the Seven Letter Story Blog

Posted: December 19, 2022

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Hello MOVEMENT! I am so excited to meet you! My name is Rhianna (pronounced just like the famous singer) and I am the owner of Milwaukee Movement, a performance healthcare facility + streetwear brand. I am an athletic trainer by education and learning to be a female entrepreneur as I advance in my career. I wanted to write this “Welcome Blog” for you to know what you can expect to find as you make your way through future posts. Some basics about me- I am a young, female small business owner, athletic trainer, lifelong learner, and female coach, and I spend much of my time coaching up the next generation of athletes. That being said, this space will include writing that varies in focus yet at the end of the day, is all a part of my Seven Letter Story.

In writing these blogs, I promise to show up for you with complete authenticity. I will use this space to share life lessons that I am learning as I establish myself as a young, female entrepreneur. The pages will be filled with genuine joy that has been fostered through struggle, frustration, perseverance, hope and a whole lot of faith. I wanted to start this blog because many times as I sat down to write an Instagram caption as “a note from the owner”, I found myself feeling that there was so much more that needed to be said. There was a story behind the post. An inspiration. A hardship. An injury was overcome. The special way in which each of these incredible people have influenced my life- is what I felt needed to be shared. So this will be the place for the caption to be expanded.

It is my hope that my passion for people radiates in all that I do. People are the heartbeat of the MOVEMENT and I wish to reflect that through this writing space. You as a person are at the center of what I do. I pray that you feel known and cared for through each word typed on every page. The MOVEMENT is a place where you belong. I want to say the hard things that can be challenging to recognize in hopes that if I start the conversation, you will find the courage to make a positive change in your life and continue the conversation with your community.

As you read the entries that will appear on the pages to follow, I desire for you to experience the positive training environment that I intentionally craft for each session with a patient or team of athletes. That although there may appear to be no treatment plan for your pain, struggle in your job, frustration with a coach, challenges in other areas of your life, and a world that seems to be flooded with negativity, even for a few moments you would be filled with a new hope. That fear would be silenced and courage would abound. That the insecurity that has driven many of our actions would be replaced with bravery to serve our communities better around us.

You should know that this space will not lack content as it relates to educating the future of athletes and their network. We are re-writing the script of sports performance training to equip our youth with the resources necessary to be successful in their careers amidst the increased training demands and associated pressures. I will share the knowledge that I have gained along with that of my community, so you or your athlete are able to focus on the training ahead and implement innovative sport science strategies from those who have gone before you. I will not be shy in the conversation surrounding injury prevention as I desire to help any athlete I can decrease their risk for future injury while simultaneously improving their performance. I will speak to common musculoskeletal injuries and educate you on how you may be able to relieve some of your symptoms and someday return to the life you love pain-free. I am no expert, but I want to be a resource to you in any way that I can and give you a glimpse of what is happening on the inside at Milwaukee Movement daily.

These pages will be filled with honesty. It will not be perfect because I fail all too often, and quite frankly, grammar is not my strong suit. These messages exist as the beginning of a conversation that needs to be started. I want to say the hard things and “expose myself” so that others are able to experience the freedom from shame and insecurity that had a grip on me for far too long. I want to use my story with chronic pain, a pandemic graduation, professional sports, anxiety, and much more, to empower you towards confidence and a courageous spirit. I hope that in these words you find the bravery to carry the positive message of the MOVEMENT to your community.

It is an honor to be the first to welcome you to the Seven Letter Story.

– Rhianna