Programs customized to each patient is our priority. Whether that is hands on care through Fusionetics, a training session focused around your sport, or a workout to progress you towards your fitness goals, Milwaukee Movement has something for you.



Sport Performance Training


Soccer Development



Through a series of seven movements, Fusionetics technology utilizes a 60-point inspection of the body through motion to assess movement efficiency. The Movement Efficiency Test evaluates mobility, stability, and functional control to gather information regarding current performance and injury risk status.

The Movement Efficiency Test identifies particular joints for further evaluation. Flexibility and mobility limitations, often the underlying cause of pain and performance deficits, are addressed utilizing a Range of Motion test.

Both professional and college sports teams utilize the Movement Efficiency Test to create baseline reports for injury prevention and training programs for their athletes. A score out of 100 is given to the patient which allows the practitioner and patient to work cohesively to develop an individualized treatment plan for objective improvement.

The patient will receive an hour of soft tissue treatment combining both manual therapies and rehabilitation exercises to provide the patient with care that helps to bring their body into optimal alignment and reduce compensation patterns that it presents with during activity.

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With a passion for the athlete, Milwaukee Movement is ready for you. Programs are designed to give the athlete an edge on their competitors. Utilizing exercises that focus on muscles commonly under active in athlete’s of their particular sport, training sport specific patterns, and implementing drills to enhance power, speed, and performance are all elements of every athletes training plan. This focus allows them to optimize performance while working to decrease injury and enhance recovery.

Do you want your whole team to train with Milwaukee Movement? Are you an individual looking to put in the extra work in the off season? Schedule your session today to develop your competitive edge.

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Soccer Training Program


Prepare for every minute of the game by joining the line up to train for 90 minutes with our professional coaches. Our practice plan looks different than most, combining both sport performance and injury prevention training with soccer specific drills and technique, to create a training experience that is the first of it’s kind in Milwaukee. Plans are created specific to soccer athletes, providing them with the resources that they need to combat injuries and perform at a higher level than their competitors.

Over 50,000 youth soccer athletes leave the game each season due to injury. US Youth Soccer partnered with Fusionetics, a corrective, performance and recovery platform, to keep their athletes involved in the game. Now available to your athlete, Milwaukee Movement utilizes Fusionetics to provide your athlete the opportunity to utilize resources available at the top level to enhance their performance while improving recovery time.

“With more youth athletes playing soccer every year, it is essential they be provided with the best tools and technology to succeed”
Dr. Michael Clark, Founder and CEO of Fusionetics

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Secure your spot in the training plan!

Sessions are offered Monday - Thursday and are based on age groups.

Monday - Thursday:
Time: 4:30-6pm | Age: 6-10 year olds
Time: 6-7:30pm | Age: 11-13 year olds
Time: 7:30-9pm | Age: 14+ year olds

Private Training Option Monday - Thursday:
Time: 1-2pm
Time: 2-3pm
Time: 3-4pm

If your athlete is looking to work individually with a coach on soccer technique or specific injury prevention/strength training they are able to schedule an hour long session to work towards their goal. Soft tissue and soccer specific rehabilitation sessions are also available with Rhianna during these times.

Soccer Conditioning

Each group session will cost $40 an athlete. Athletes will be encouraged to sign up on a monthly basis to ensure they can be a part of the training line-up. There are a certain amount of spots offered per group, so sign up today to lock in your spot. Summer training begins Monday June 7.

To set up your training plan call or text 414-870-2168 or email

Get ready to score big this summer!

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